We welcome your interest in our machine quilting. We began our business in 1942 and are extremely proud of our long years of service and high quality of machine quilting.

Our quilting is lockstitch, close, and washable; similar to regular machine stitching. It will not rip out in ordinary wear. Our high standard of workmanship, our beautiful patterns, and our reasonable prices are known throughout the United States and abroad.

We take special pride in keeping our linings/backings free of pleats. The completed quilt will be as free of pleats as YOUR piecing will allow. We cannot quilt out wrinkles, fullness, or tightness that has been pieced in the top. In some instances, pleats must be taken in the quilt top. We try very hard to ease in any fullness, however, sometimes a pleat must be taken; the fullness has to go somewhere.

Be sure to give full instructions for every quilt. If you are unsure about the quilting pattern, please mark Quilter’s Choice or indicate that you wish us to call you to discuss the quilting options. The listed prices are for basic quilting for each size. The quilting cost of any design or pattern may vary from the listed prices because of the amount of additional quilting time required.

When an all over pattern is selected, we quilt with one color thread on top and one color thread on the bottom; each can be a different color. However we need to be very careful that highly contrasting colors are not selected as pull through is always a problem even though we adjust tension. If left up to Quilter’s Choice, we try to blend as close as possible.

Within the selection of Custom Quilting, In The Ditch, Stamped, and Marked Patterns, we do offer the option of changing the top threads to match different sections of the pieced top. However, there is an additional charge for changing thread colors usually ranging from $7.50 to $15.00 depending upon the number of times required to change thread and the size of the quilt.

In addition to In The Ditch Quilting, Custom Quilting will also include outline quilting; quilting around pieced, embroidered, appliqu├ęd items, photos, painted scenes, etc. plus free hand patterns that would fill in the remaining space in the block, sashings or borders.

Stippling and meandering are also available; falling into the custom quilting range. A marking fee of $20.00 per hour is charged to mark; using your stencil. All quilting is had guided to insure proper placement of stitching designs, etc. We do not offer hand quilting.

If you have batting that you would like for us to use, just send it along with your top. If however, you wish for us to supply the batting, we offer 100% cotton Mt Mist Cotton, very thin, which has been around for years and years and requires close quilting. We also off 100% cotton Warm & White which is about 1/4″ thick but allows for more spacing between quilting-launders very well. The cotton battings will produce a flat look. For those dark tops and linings, we suggest our dark gray poly batting. For a fuller look, we would suggest using our poly/dacron batting which comes in a variety of weights. Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 is also available. All launder very well.

You may send your own linings/backings or have us select from our wide range of colors here at Stover Quality Quilting. If you need a perfect match, we simply ask that you send your own fabric and make sure that it is 6 inches wider and 6 inches longer that the top to allow for stretching and pinning in the frame.

folded quilt

We carry prints in 100% cotton and many solid colors in both 100% cotton and cotton blends if you wish for us to select from our inventory. Sometimes it is hard to read your mind, so any clues as to choice is always greatly appreciated. We always try to match as close as possible. Our charge for altering your lining to make it fit begins as $10.00 plus the cost of additional fabric used. You may also just send the needed yardage for your backing/lining and we will be happy to seam it to the proper size for a fee between $5.00 to $10.00 depending upon the size of your quilt. We ask that you do not baste or pin your top, filling and lining together. Each goes on separate rollers on our quilting frame.

Binding is also a choice available to you. If you prefer to bind the quilt yourself, that’s not a problem, we will send the quilted quilt back to you untrimmed. We ask that you do not attach th binding to the quilt before we quilt it.

If however, you would like for us to finish the quilt for you, we offer a bias bind using either your fabric or something from our line that we think will match well. The labor cost is the same. If you would like for us to use your fabric, please send it along and allow us to cut it to the required width to fit our binding machine. For instance, a regular size quilt requires about 1/2 yard of fabric. However, there will be less seams if you could send a larger piece which would allow us to cut longer bias strips and we send all excess fabric back with your finished quilt.

A straight edge binding is also available. With a straight edge, the fabric is cut, doubled and sewn to the back side of the quilt, pressed over and top stitched down on the top side. We also offer a half straight edge; still doubled but sewn to the top side and left for you to finish by hand stitching it down on the back side.

Ship your quilt tops the most convenient way for you. UPS and the Postal System stop everyday and all other delivery companies deliver to our door as well. Be sure to enclose the tops in plastic with instruction including name, address, phone, etc. We recommend using insured shipping.

We try to return all quilts promptly but we do quilt in order received. Upon receiving your order, it receives a work or invoice number. After having read your instruction, we mail out an invoice letting you know that your quilt has indeed arrived and listed are the quilting services you requested and the cost with an estimated completion time which is found at the bottom of the invoice. If we have questions or feel a different design would be better, we will give you a call before starting your quilt. It does not lose its place in the production cycle due to questions or time of payment.

Our current turn-around time is running between 6 and 8 weeks. It varies throughout the year. We do offer RUSH service, but at an additional cost.

If you would please send your check or money order or credit card number prior to the estimated completion date, we would then be able to ship out your order as soon as it is finished. We normally ship insured through UPS unless otherwise requested.

Again, please call 1-800-521-4171 with any questions.

Happy Piecing!

Vi Dale- Owner of Stover Quality Quilting.

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